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Upload the content and materials your company used to educate and activate employees and customers using the form below. Not ready to upload materials? Bookmark this page for future use.

Examples of content and materials include screenshots of social media posts, photos of promotional materials such as flyers, mailings and posters, or customer and employee events, to name a few. Please be sure to submit using the same email address as you used to select your company commitments. Doing so will help us keep all of your assets together.

Visit the industry engagement pages on Auto Care’s and AASA’s website for more information and to download helpful resources and materials.

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Kirsten Zaremba Megan Gardner
Senior Director, Marketing Director, Membership and Sponsorship
Auto Care Association Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association

  • Vehicle Data Access and Control Award Asset Upload Form:

  • As part of the Vehicle Data Access and Control Award consideration process, I agree to submit (via upload) content and examples that highlight my company’s outreach and awareness efforts between March 16, 2020 and September 15, 2020.

    Use the button below to upload content and materials as official submissions for the Vehicle Data Access and Control Award.

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